Websites Where I Listen To The Latest Digital Music

Websites Where I Listen To The Latest Digital Music

A lot of people have asked me about the sources which I follow for listening to songs. Well, the choices are many, and according to your genre, you would need to choose the websites suitable for you where you will get access to numerous songs; listen to them and also download legally or buy them to listen later. So, let me give you a list of the websites that I refer to for digital mixes and electro genres.


Undoubtedly the most popular and resourceful website, YouTube has been my prime source to listen to latest digital music and electro pops. While following and subscribing to my favorite artists’ channels, I also followed the music producing companies so that I did not miss any new release. With its app version, I also save videos offline if I am in middle of something. Know about my favorite YouTube channel for electronic music.


What I like most about Soundcloud is its updated new music files at regular interval and it even lets me browse through my favorite music, listen to them on loops, move forward and backward and even save them on cloud storage. Besides the minimalist interface is an added bonanza.


It was Shazam where I first heard Avicii for the first time after listening to a sample music sent by a friend and the rest is history. Which better platform would you get where you can search music by playing a small clip on mobile?


iTunes not being exclusively an Apple-friendly website will serve both Apple users and Android users with its simple iCloud interface and extendsive digital music collection of both modern and old times.

Amazon MP3

While shopping for my home theatre, I decided to give Amazon MP3 a try and it has never disappointed me with its Cloud Drive under my prime membership. The DJ mixes are much competitive to iTunes.

Google Play Music

On my Android set, Google Play Music is my easiest way to check out the new releases and top charts of digital music. The EDM radio station acts as my nighttime lullaby. I currently use paid subscription and have custom playlists.


My frenzy for club music, EDMs and digital trance grew with Beatport where I discovered not only latest DJs but also enthusiasts of the music genre I like. The weekly top 10 DJ charts are the pros, so is the availability of WAV format files.


Millions of music collections and that too at free of cost is what makes Spotify so special. I can hear both old-school and modern electro-pops and digital dance music while creating as many playlists as I wish.

Compatible with both android and iPhone devices, I can stream unlimited digital music on both my mobiles and get acquainted to various independent EDM artists. Its cloud storage lets me access my customized music collections.


I can create maximum hundred digital music playlist with Pandora’s “box” and what is better; it even lets me hear songs at free of cost both on mobiles, laptop and PCs. I just need to enter the genre and artists’ names and it creates my customized radio station.


During my early school days, it was just a social networking site but now Myspace is my easy-to-go directory to find songs of my favorite genres without creating an account. Besides, I love the way it shows videos along with songs.

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