About Me

Greetings from Wolfgang Mueller! Well, I’m a simple German guy who is mad about the hip and happening electronic music. Swaying my hands and legs in complement with the symphony of the heart throbbing beats of digital music is my kind of weekend fun. Sounds fun to you? Well, then maybe we share the same choice of music. From the legendary musician Avicii to DJ Snake, from David Guetta to Allan Walker, from Calvin Harris to Martin Garrix –my playlist is full of EDMs (Electronic Dance Music) and digital mixes. My friend circle consists of music producers, singers, music lovers and even some renowned musical personalities. Together we share the same love and longing for music, we share our thoughts about different genres, analyze the past, present and future of electronic music genre and above all, we celebrate music!

Why I Came Up With This Blog?

Valid question and to be honest, one of the most common questions I have been hearing since the starting of this blog. Well, this blog is like my diary or you can say, it is more like a safe where I can share my thoughts regarding Electronic music and digital remixes. During my school years, I used to hear music on my music player and whenever a birthday party or function used to come up, I used to have a tough time convincing people about my choice of music because most of the time, people seemed too biased against electronic music. The question was evident –if people don’t like this genre, how come it is so popular worldwide? How come the EDM artists and DJs ruling the music world with their own aura?

Through social media, I got to know a number of people from around the locality, from different states and even outside Germany. As a matter of fact, this is where I came to know that there are gazillions of people who are mad about electronic mixes and digital music, who wait eagerly just like me to grab the CD of their favorite artist right after it is released and who long to catch a glimpse of their favorite electric music artists’ live shows. I started joining online communities for electronic music and digital music enthusiasts and through these hubs I came to know about more musicians and became their fan. The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Skrillex, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and more such popular musicians became part of my life! Even if I would be unaware of a particular song or electronic music album, I would get updates about it from the community and this process was vice versa.

My collection of music grew, so did my passion and by now, many of those friends who used to ignore my choice of digital music, became addicted to it through me. I became so engrossed in this world that I thought to share my knowledge with others so that they can get all the latest updates about any electronic or digital music album, its artists and the sources from where they can get access to the extensive collection of music. So I started my blog, for you, for me and for everyone who love this genre.

What You Can Expect?

If you are an electronic music fan or just wish to get acquainted with this amazing world of music, my blog is for you. I have had many queries from my followers on social media and friends regarding the source of the media I was listening to. Well, for a hardcore music lover like me, it was never an issue to find any music online and hear it time and again as well as download it for hearing offline whenever I want to. So, for those who feel at fix regarding the source of music, here you will get YouTube, SoundCloud and other website links which I refer to while listening to music. Besides, beginners will also get idea about electronic and digital music artists along with their works which have inspired me both during happy and depressing times of my life. Besides, the blog contains latest news about this genre, how it advanced through the years, how young talents like Avicii will keep on inspiring us even after untimely death and many more. So, are you up for taking a musical journey with me?