Where I Buy The Best Digital Music?

Where I Buy The Best Digital Music?

Being a music lover and enthusiast, I am strictly against piracy of any creative media, be it a picture, a video, movie or a music file. However, unlike YouTube Downloader not all sites will let you legally download digital music and besides, many YouTube videos too have buying option rather than downloading because you cannot get every happiness in the world for free! So, for your convenience, here I list the top websites from where I download the digital music –


With over ten million songs including latest digital songs, iTunes is undoubtedly among the best sites to buy music as it has built-in support for all Apple devices through iCloud. The browser like interface is user-friendly and it lets you follow top artists and get connected to others who like them. Know more about my favorite electronic music artists{NOTE TO DEVELOPER: Kindly link “favorite electronic music artists.” to the article “#6 My Top Ten Electronic Music Artists”}.

Amazon MP3

Being the leading shopping store, Amazon has its millions of music collection in its Amazon MP3 section. Quite the alternative to iTunes, it now comes with Prime collection, integration with Echo devices, easy streaming with Cloud Player and the Cloud Drive as music locker where music is stored after you buy them.


Around 32 millions of music collection from various independent artists is available with paid subscription in this website dating back to 1998. The price depends according to the subscription level and the best part is that all the media are DRM free. Along with website interface, you can use it on Android and iPhone while it supports maximum ten devices for one service.


Around one lakh songs with comprehensive reference system is the USP of Beatport where you will get awesome range of club music, digital music and DJ mixes with genres like Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Trance besides the top 10 DJ Charts.

Apart from these, if you have any more suggestions or query, share them in comments, I will be happy to be of assistance.

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